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Stabilization and Aggregation of Biopharmaceuticals

01/01/2019 - 02/28/2023

The development of protein formulations for administration of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) is an important and growing field in pharmaceutical biotechnology [1]. The low solubilities achieved in state of the art formulations commonly only allows their administration via intravenous injection [1]. An increase in protein concentration, which enables the subcutaneous administration, requires the addition of suitable excipients / excipient mixtures to stabilize the protein in solution and increase solubility. A method for their identification, furthermore delivering a mechanistic understanding, will be identified within this work.


In order to engineer high-concentration protein formulations (HCPFs), the addition of excipients is typically required to increase the protein solubility and stability. Frequently used excipients in the (bio)-pharmaceutical industry include: amino acids, salts, sugars, polymers, and surfactants that already have a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval [1,2]. The selection of suitable excipients for development of HCPFs is commonly performed on the basis of heuristics (“trial and error”) and is carried out by high-throughput screening methods [3]. Within this work, suitable excipients and their potential will be identified based on a mechanistic understanding of the underlying molecular interactions. Based on the investigations and characterization of interactions (e.g. light-scattering analytics, physical models), it’s the aim of this work to predict thermodynamic properties of aqueous protein solutions. This will lead to a reduction in time and experimental effort in investigations of suitable protein formulations.


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